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The Annual Show That Has Everyone Talking

Students undergoing the Bachelor of Design Computing and Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts represent the intersection of two worlds; design and technology.

These degrees encompass the approach necessary to invent elegant, commercially viable products and services. The 2017 exhibition brings together projects from both courses; individual or collective, they are realised by the students who have proposed new solutions and designs to a world filled with pain points.

Their projects showcase ground-breaking new ideas in emerging digital technologies and creative thinking across robotics and drones, mobile apps, 3D modelling, interactive digital installations and wearable technology.

Not only an event of educational significance, the opening night is a joyful celebration of the unwavering dedication and enormous achievements of our students.

Show your support and join the celebration!


The University of Sydney
School of Architecture, Design and Planning
Wilkinson Building, 148 City Rd, Darlington
University of Sydney


Opening Night: 23rd November 2017
Exhibition: 23rd - 26th November 2017

Meet Our Team

Designer? Voyager? Outlander? Nobody knows who he is but he is and he's part of the gradshow team, carefully crafting the tiniest details as the show's co-curator, making sure you'll find it rich and insightful, giving a glimpse on the future and of what it may hold. Personally? I love all the digital and hybrid, crossovering sciences, jumping around the world, drinking double pulp orange juice and proving that the impossible may actually be quite possible

Fuad Soudah
Exhibition Curation

Hi! I'm Gen and I am on this years Graduate Exhibition marketing team. I am working my hardest to keep you in the know and ensuring you know how amazing this event will be. I am also the person who built the website you are looking at right now! I never imagined that I would find a degree that combined all my passions into one but I have. I hope you enjoy the amazing and interesting projects and the cute freebies. I can guarantee that they will be out of this world. If you see me around, come say hi. I am always happy to chat and am way too talkative for my own good.

Genevieve Martin
Marketing + Website

Hi, I'm Robert, D17's Submissions Manager. This years Graduation Exhibition falls on a huge year of technological advancements. Having seen first hand the impressive projects that range from beautiful designs to immersive Virtual Reality experiences, I am most excited about this year's Graduation Exhibition! This team has worked so hard to bring together everything you see here and I really hope you enjoy the show! If you see me around, don't hesitate to stop by for a chat about anything and everything.

Robert Yuan

G'day! I am Koji, and first of all, thank you for stopping by to read this section! It’s been a tremendous journey for us to curate this show, but here we are, ready to present to you the best of the best in Design Computing and MIDEA. We are spectrum of unique individuals who can’t be defined by words, and D17 is the perfect opportunity for you to understand us better on what we do, and will do. From futuristic works to designs that can be applied today, we hope you to immerse in the colours our cohort can express, to re-imagine and shape our future!

Koji Yajima

Hi, I'm Tommy, one-third of the D17 exhibition curation team. With a lot of care and love, we have designed the exhibition to cater towards your enjoyment and wonder, while also taking in what it means to be a Design Computing student. Our peers have worked extremely hard for three years to be able to create their work, and it’s our job to make sure that we go above and beyond to bring these exceptional ideas to life. So treat your eyes to some beautiful scenery, grab a drink with friends, and if you see me around, hit me up!

Tommy Dinh
Exhibition Curation + Project Management

Greetings! I am part of D17’s curation team – here to design the details of the show space to create an enjoyable and memorable experience! Design Computing is an amazing course and we hope that D17 doesn’t merely showcase what we do, but truly gets you excited for the future that our graduates will craft. So hope to see you around – enjoying the drinks, the food and the talks with our enthusiastic peers. And if you bump into me… come say hi and have a chat about design, or games, or food, or anything!

Carissa Yu
Exhibition Curation

Hi I’m Colin, one half of the Graduation Exhibition marketing team. For many years our friends and family have been fascinated by what exactly it is that we do as Design Computing students, and so we work our hardest in preparation of D17, in the hopes of showing you how we understand, design and enhance the ways people live. Come by for food, drinks, chats and interactive activities that we hope would inspire you to pursue your passions!

Colin Li

Hello! I'm Jess the D17's Sponsorship Manager. This years Graduate Exhibition is shaping up to be the event of the year with a range of different people and companies getting involved. I've been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to complete the course of my dreams the past three years and can't wait to show you what ive accomplished during this time. I absolutely love meeting new people so definitely feel free to come up to me and have a chat!

Jessica Norris
Sponsorship + Submissions

Hi, I’m (also) Jess! Being a DesCom student over the past 3 years has helped me grow my capabilities as a designer and meet a bunch of new people so I’m really excited to be able to give back to the course this way. Design Computing is an awesome course that covers a wide variety of disciplines and our fellow students have been working hard to showcase the progress they’ve made over the years through their imagination and creativity! It’s an honour for me to be able to work on the catalogue alongside the rest of the awesome D17 team!

Jessica Tong


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